What is Chenille Yarn?

The chenille machine developed and produced by our company "Lanxiang Machinery" is mainly used to produce chenille yarn. What is chenille yarn?
Chenille yarn, also known as chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn.

It is made of two strands of yarn as the core, and the feather yarn is clamped in the middle by twisting. Generally, there are Chenille products such as viscose/nitrile, cotton/polyester, viscose/cotton, nitrile/polyester, viscose/polyester, etc. Chenille decorative products can be made into sofa covers, bedspreads, bed blankets, table carpets, carpets, wall decorations, curtain curtains and other municipal decorative accessories.

Features: The use of chenille yarn gives the home textile fabric a thick feeling, with the advantages of high-grade luxury, soft feel, plump fleece, good drapability and so on.


Chenille yarn is soft and fuzzy, making it perfect for projects that need a lot of weight or bulk. You can knit or crochet with chenille yarn, and it is also possible to combine it with other types of yarn to create unique or interesting finished projects. Choosing the right chenille yarn for your needs requires looking at the yarn weight, the yarn gauge and the fiber, color and feel of the yarn.

Yarn weights range from super fine to super bulky. Most chenille yarns are worsted weight, bulky weight or super bulky weight, though exceptions exist. Both the weight and size of the needles or hooks contribute to the yarn gauge — how tightly the yarn works up and whether it drapes or feels stiff. These attributes are of particular importance when following a pattern or set of instructions.

Chenille yarn is usually fuzzy and soft.

A large number of yarns in this category are synthetic, made from acrylic, rayon, nylon, or viscose yarn. Natural yarn options do exist for chenille yarn, though they are the exception and not the rule. Luxury silk chenille or cotton chenille yarn is sometimes seen. Different fibers affect whether a yarn is machine washable and dryable or not. Some manufacturers classify chenille yarn as a novelty yarn, while others consider it a standard yarn type. The classification and composition of a chenille yarn is largely up to the manufacturer and distributor.

Post time: Feb-04-2023