LX1000V Draw Texturing Machine- Polyester DTY

Short Description:

The machine is used to process nylon into high stretch fiber, POY to DTY, through streching and false twisting deformation, processed into low or high elastic false twisting texturing yarn(DTY), the machine can produce intermingle yarn if equipped with nozzle.  The machine is the most advanced, low energy consumption, but high production.

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1.Three rollers named machine D1,D2,D2.2,all adopt the godet mechanism. The godet is controlled by the micro-motors. It control the fiber will and ensure the stretching.
2.The machine’s two sides (A-B) running relatively independent, both adopt energy-saving motor instead of belt,the process parameters can be set separately. Two sides could process different productions.
3.The specially energy-saving nozzle can save air and power.
4.The special fiber structure is adopted to improve the efficiency of fiber processing.
5.Machine’s deformation heater adopts biphenyl air heating.The temperature precision is exact to ±1 ℃ assure every spindle’s temperature to be same.This is beneficial for dying.
6.Excellent machine structure reliable drive system and low noise. It is easy for process adjustment, and maintained by single spindle to improve productivity.

Technical Specification

Type V type
Spindle Number 288spindles ,24 spindles/section X 12 =288 spindles
Spindle Gauge 110mm
False Twisting Type stacked disc friction false twister
Length of Heater 2000mm
Heater Temperature Range 160℃-250℃
Method of Heating biphenyl air heating
Maximum Speed 1000m/min
Process speed 800m/min~900m/min
Take-up Package Φ250xΦ250
Winding Type groove drum type friction winding , packaged with double tapers bobbin
Spinning Range 20D~200D
Installed power 163.84KW
Effective power 80KW~85KW
Machine Size 21806mmx7620mmx5630mm

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