LX2017 One-step False Twisting Machine

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This machine is applicable to the twisting, preshrinking and false twisting of the polyester filament yarn, the production crepe yarn is used as raw material for the silk-like polyester fabrics. Because each technological provided on this equipment is a functional processing, each of the step can exert a decisive influence on the crepe yarn. Therefore, the crepe yarn styles the equipment provides are unlimitedly obtainable along with a very enriched new variety that may be developed. At the same time compared with the traditional shrink yarn method, it boasts a series of advantages, such as high efficiency, large production, low cost, quick of turn over funds, and convenient management. etc.

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This machine is applicable to the twisting,preshrinking and false twisting of the polyester filament yarn,the production crepe yarn is used as raw material for the silk-like polyester fabrics.

Technical Specification

Spindle Number basic spindles 192(16 spindles per section)
Type spindle belt wheel diameter: φ28
Spindle Type fixed type
Spindle Gauge 225mm
Spindle Speed 8000-12000 RPM
False Twist Range The winding motor is separated from the spindles,twisting stepless adjustable in theory
Twist Direction S or Z twist
Maximum Winding Capacity φ160×152
Unwinding Bobbin Specification φ110×φ42×270
Winding Bobbin Specification φ54×φ54×170
Winding  Angle 20~40 adjust at will
Tension Control Multi-sectional tension ball and tension ring are join use
Suitable yarn range 50D~400D polyester and filament fibre
Installation Power 16.5KW
Thermal Oven Power 10KW
Working Temperature 140℃~250℃
Heater Yarn Pass Length 400mm
Maximum speed of the false twister rotor 160000rpm
Working Environment Requirement Relative Humidity≤85%;Temperature≤30℃
Machine Size (2500+1830×N)×590×1750mm 

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It depends on product and order qty. Normally, it takes us20 days for an order.

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